Cotton Protective Sleeves – Made to Your Specs

Cotton Protective Sleeves have a number of uses and benefits.

  • Protect against minor cuts and abrasions
  • Cotton sleeves are suitable for use in warmer climates
  • Used as an additional layer of liquid or chemical barrier protection for the forearm
  • Also used in applications where dirt and contaminants could compromise the environment or your clothing

Sleeves can be cut to almost any lengths desired from different weights of material.
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• Protective sleeves are bundled by the dozen pair or dropped loose in a box.
• Elastic rubber can be sewn into one or both ends of sleeves.
• The tubing can be doubled and overedged.


Item Description
15 SLEEV 15” Long, 2” Wide
20 SLEEV 20” Long, 2” Wide
16SLWEE 16” long, 3” Wide, Elastic both ends
20WSLVEE 20” Long, 3.5” Wide, Elastic both ends
18REE 18” Long, Lt. Wt. Rib Matl. Elastic both ends
14DTO-3 14” Long, Doubled, 3” Wide
18DTO-3 18” Long, Doubled, 3” Wide