Cotton Finger Protectors / Cots

products made in the USA

Cotton Finger Protectors or finger cots are used in a variety of situations.

  • Preventing finger oils and fingerprints on delicate materials (electronics, documents, art, antiques, coins, stamps, and many more.)
  • Prevent static discharge when working on delicate electronics
  • Protecting fingers from abrasions and small cuts
  • Cushioning fingers when working on jewelry repair and manufacturing
  • Can also be used in typing and printing jobs

Protect fingers or thumb with lightweight to heavy duty finger protectors.


Closed tip finger protectors are single ply cotton, closed at one end with the open end hemmed.

*We can make length of protectors to your needs.

Item Description
152 Ladies Lightweight
185  Ladies Heavy Weight
640 Ladies Medium Weight
645 Men’s Medium Weight
832 Men’s Heavy Weight
840  Men’s Medium Weight, coarse


Open End finger protectors are doubled material and over edged together at one end.

*We can make length of protectors to your needs.

Item Description
1640-1.75 Ladies Medium Weight, 1”
1640-2.25 Ladies Medium Weight, 2”
1645-2 Men’s Medium Weight, 2”
1645-2.25 Men’s Medium Weight, 2”
1654-2.5 Men’s Large Medium Weight, 2”
3084-2 Men’s Heavy Weight, 2”
3084-2.25 Men’s Heavy Weight 2”
3084-2.5 Men’s Heavy Weight, 2”
3084-3 Men’s Heavy Weight, 3”
4083-2.5 Men’s Medium Weight, 2.1/2”
open finger cots